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About Integrated Recycling Technologies

Integrated Recycling Technologies’ depth and breadth of experience and our cutting-edge technologies are trusted across the entire nation to handle IT asset disposition with security and integrity.

History of IRT

Since 1997, Integrated Recycling Technologies has been providing electronics recycling services to data centers, banks, schools, government agencies, and other recyclers coast-to-coast. Based in St. Cloud, MN in a 238,000-square-foot facility, IRT can handle up to 100 million pounds of electronic waste and precious metals annually.

Founded and still led by CEO and President Steve Budd, COO David Owens compliments his experience with additional capabilities to service OEMS, state contracts, and larger corporations.

Data Security, Environmental Health, & Safety

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An R2 certified recycler, IRT is proud to be certified and provide data security for clients across the nation. Hard drive wiping and shredding is all handled in-house for peace-of-mind.

R2 2013 Responsible Recycling

With RIOS certification for environmental management system standard, the IRT team takes great care to responsibly recycle metals and other electronic waste entrusted to our care.

With RIOS certification for occupational health and safety management, the IRT team goes above and beyond to ensure safety in our loading dock, warehouse, metallurgical laboratory, and offices.


IRT Team

Steve Budd, President / CEO

Steve Budd
President / CEO

Dave Owens & Beau Duke Owens, COO
Dave Owens & Beau Duke Owens
Kelly McDonough, CFO

Brandon Veches

Tony Celt, VP Sales & Marketing
Tony Celt
VP Sales & Marketing
Ashley Van Allen, EHS
Ashley Van Allen
HR & EHS Manager
Ashley Van Allen, EHS
Kylie Buisman
Matt Birkel, Logistics Manager
Matt Birkel
Logistics Manager
Alora Smith, Principle Chemist
Scott Schoen
Plant Manager
Briana DeFoe, Lab Tech
Briana DeFoe
Lab Tech
Zach Skwira, Lab Tech
Zach Skwira
Lab Tech
Jay Brisson, Account Executive

Jay Brisson
Account Executive

Taner Trembley, Account Executive
Taner Trembley
Account Executive
Allissa Cuffe, ITAD Sales Assistant
Allissa Cuffe
ITAD Sales Assistant
Kayla Overman, Childcare Director
Brittany Trembley
Childcare Director
Maddie Rose, Teacher
Maddie Rose
Kali Enstad, Teacher

Kali Enstad

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