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Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling is the moral, legal, and ethical way to dispose of your technology. From hard drives to circuit boards, televisions to mobile phones, IRT can safely recycle your electronic waste.

Electronic Data Safety

Your information is safe with IRT. Hard drives and other memory storage devices will be cleared on our hard drive wiping systems and shredded completely to protect your business information. We take data safety seriously. Learn more about Data Destruction.


Electronics Recycling & Environmental Safety

Once your technology is in our hands, it never goes to the landfill. 100% of our materials are recycled or refurbished/resold with the highest security possible.

We comply with all environmental regulations, and are R2, and RIOS:2016 certified. That means we:

  • Manage your materials responsibly and securely
  • Protect the environment through our practices
  • Practice efficient resource use
  • Reduce workplace risks
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment

Learn more about our certifications.

Data Center Electronics Recycling

IRT offers leading ITAD and electronics recycling solutions for broken or obsolete data center equipment. We have an on-site metallurgical laboratory to analyse your unusable equipment and get the best price for the raw materials. We also have three 96-bank hard drive wiping systems and two hard drive shredders to ensure data safety.

As noted above, we are certified in:

Large Organization Electronics Recycling

Businesses – especially schools, hospitals, financial institutions and government centers – need the latest hardware to serve their communities better. But when old equipment is ready to be retired, you need a partner who can safely and securely dispose of it and get you the best prices.

IRT offers HIPAA-compliant data destruction to protect sensitive data. With three 96-bank hard drive wiping systems and two hard drive shredders, we can clear data or completely destroy the system within HIPAA guidelines.

With our chain-of-custody, you can be assured that your sensitive financial, personnel, or other data will be the responsibility of IRT from the moment it enters our facility. IRT has been a trusted source for safe, secure, and compliant electronics recycling by organizations like schools, hospitals, banks, and governments for more than two decades.